We use industry leading consumer analytics to cut through all the marketing clutter. We'll Identify your primary prospects, provide you a targeted marketing strategy, and save you time, money, and frustration.

Reduce your marketing waste by working with us. MOTUS will find more prospective members in your market that are drawn to your brand by using industry leading consumer analytics, saving you time and money, in your pursuit to provide the best fitness experience in your community.

What We Do

We have partnered with leaders in consumer analytics in order to find prospective members in your trade area. After we find them, we can engage with them based on their preferred channel of media consumption.

Premium Content Strategy

After identifying your primary customers, we look at analytics to decide if print, social media, mobile, IP targeting, or email is the best channel to get your message delivered. We will work to provide a focused spend of your marketing dollars.

Services We Offer

From consumer analytics to customized creative design, the team at MOTUS creative can help you not only identify your primary prospects, we can execute marketing and branding campaigns on multiple levels.

Trade area consumer analytics

We know who your customers are. Let us help you find more of them.

Site feasibility studies

MOTUS' Site Power Score™ know if you should move forward with a proposed property, or pass.

Geo-fencing & IP address targeting

Direct-To-Mobile Advertising
Targeting consumers based on physical OFFLINE activities & identifying one’s “intent

Unlimited creative design

Get access to a premium design team to help fulfill all your internal and external marketing needs.

Digital campaign management

MOTUS' will create a strategy and manage all execution of your digital media marketing/branding campaigns.

Web development

Need a new site? We can design a site that tells a great story, leading to more engagement and conversions.

Direct mail campaign fulfillment

We can execute your direct mail campaign from trade area awareness to hyper-targeted strategies using premium analytics.

Printing fulfillment (passes, cards, flyers, etc)

Want to save money on your printing? We can print anything from flyers and cards to posters and banners at great prices.

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